Christian Fellowship Church’s Pastor is Vincent Gannon.  He is from Dublin city centre and now lives on the North side of Dublin with his wife Margaret.  They have 4 children and 3 grandchildren.

He was brought up a Roman Catholic but became a Bible Believing Christian in 1974.  Vincent went into full time ministry in 1979, after hearing God’s call to evangelise the city of Dublin.  He has been involved in full time ministry in his church ever since.  Vincent has ministered, evangelised, involved in missions and preached in local churches all over Ireland.  He has also preached in Scotland, England and Wales.  Vincent is heavily involved in the prison ministry.

Throughout the years, he has been greatly involved in many different Christian associations, such as The Association of Irish Evangelic Churches and The Congregational Union of Ireland.

If you would like an individual meeting with Vincent for spiritual guidance, please contact us via email or on our facebook page.

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